Should You Hire an Event Planner for Your Next Party

Hiring an event planner can be a bit more expensive, but you will enjoy your event far more if you aren’t stressed out. A smart event planner can work within your budget limits so you might wind up saving money, and you’ll gain by having more time to spend with your guests. Here are other good reasons to consider professional event planning:

You want to host a large number of people. A casual pizza party for 20 people is one thing, but if you would like to serve a three-course meal with a cocktail hour, you will need help. The more ambitious your event, the more likely it is that you will need an event planner.

You are expecting many children as guests. Whether you are hosting a birthday party or arranging a rehearsal dinner, taking care of a large number of children can take up much of your time. Either hire a planner to help you focus on the kids, or hire a babysitter who will know how to handle the situation.

You want to hold an outdoor event. If it rains and you don’t have a backup plan or you didn’t set out a tent, you are in trouble. A good event planner is prepared for anything and can juggle a change of plans while you inform guests of the change. In fact, as you interview event planners, you will want to know how they have handled last-minute changes due to weather.

You need ideas. You hold the same type of dinner party every season. Your idea of being adventurous is setting out napkins of a different color, but you get the sense that this event needs a little more. A party planner can come up with ideas for any occasion, plus a theme that will tie all the elements of the party together. One word of caution: Make sure the party planner doesn’t turn the event into her party. You want to hire someone who will listen to you.

You just aren’t an organized person. Planning a party is not for everyone. If you spend a large chunk of your day trying to find your glasses or your car keys, then accept your strengths and your weaknesses, and hire someone who can help.

You want to spend as much time as possible with your guests. Why spend hours in the kitchen or decorating when you can mingle? Plus, you don’t want to be the point person for every single guest. An event planner can handle all of their questions.