Employee Appreciation Events

Here are 10 Employee Appreciation Event Ideas you can use in your office!

You know that old adage about getting more flies with honey? Well, it’s true. Appreciate your employees and treat them well, and you will reap the rewards. However, it’s often difficult to decide how to convey your appreciation. If you’re searching for ways to celebrate and recognize your employees for their hard work, here are 10 employee-appreciation event ideas that you may want to consider.

Annual Events 

Holiday Party 

One of the biggest traditions for many years, the company holiday party has begun to wan in the light of our current economic times. However, while this may prevent your company from sponsoring a gala event at the local hotel ballroom, there are still inexpensive ways to celebrate the holidays with your employees and thank them for their contributions.

For instance, smaller organizations and individual departments may want to gather at the home of a coworker to celebrate the season. Or, maybe an employee potluck lunch at the office is a better option. Even something as simple as a catered or potluck lunch in the conference room can make employees feel appreciated.

 Company Picnic 

Whether or not you decide to observe the holidays in December, consider celebrating summer by throwing a company picnic. There are a couple of ways to handle this event.

You can set aside one day at a location where everyone can bring their families, enjoy food and activities, and relax away from the office. Or, if the cost and logistics associated with this type of event are too much to handle, consider hosting a barbecue in the company parking lot during regular work hours.

Take Your Dog to Work Day 

More and more, organizations are recognizing the benefit of “man’s best friend” to the mental and emotional health of employees by allowing their workers to bring their dogs to work. Some do it daily; others do it at the annual event that occurs each June, Take Your Dog to Work Day.  This special day allows employees to bring their canine companions to work while also promoting the adoption of dogs from humane societies, animal shelters, and breed rescue clubs. If your organization decides to incorporate TYDW Day into its arsenal of employee appreciation tricks, just be sure to follow proper pooch pettiquette.

Staff-Appreciation Day

Generally an annual event, the staff-appreciation day may include hosting a pancake breakfast where managers cook for their subordinates or administering a luncheon in the company cafeteria or local restaurant. It’s just a matter of deciding what your company wants to do.

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