Below are a few suggestions and clever ways to help you advertise and promote your Picnic:

  • Identify and meet with an outgoing person on every floor and in every Department. These people are now your Picnic Promoters! Have them enthusiastically promote the Picnic to everyone on their floor and in their Department! Have them encourage guests to officially Register. Create a Contest – the Picnic Promoter with the most Members registered to attend, WINS a small prize!
  • Place colorful Posters on easels, advertising the Picnic at all Entrances, at Rest Rooms, in Staff Break Rooms, in Supply Closets, in Employee Cafeterias & Cafes, and any other areas frequented by potential Picnic Guests!
  • Send colorful Emails to all employees inviting them to the Picnic. Be sure to have pictures and the info appear in the BODY of the email as well as a flyer attached.
  • Send a colorful Flyer/Invitation directly to the HOME of all employees. Spouses/significant others will open mail, see the flyer and know that something FUN is happening to appreciate the employees at work!
  • Make a Magnet with the pertinent Picnic info, to distribute to all employees to advertise the picnic! This sticks to file cabinets & refrigerators to help advertise!
  • Advertise and delight their taste buds before the Picnic! Set up an Ice Cream Cart with Treats and/or pop fresh Popcorn in the Lobby to attract all employees and promote the Picnic!
  • Command attention to the Picnic Registration Table in the Lobby with a colorful Uncle Sam Stilt Walker or comical Professional Clown! They interact with guests, and promote the Picnic and encourage guests to Sign Up! Here, be sure to have an attended Pre-Registration Table!
  • Create an easy RSVP System by email and/or a quick phone call, to make guests accountable. This will help you with attendance estimates. Some clients collect a nominal $5.00 Registration Fee that is refunded at Registration, when the guest arrives at the Picnic. This way, when guests RSVP, they help defray the cost of the food, should they miss the picnic!

Plan your Picnic early for a Successful Event!

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