6 Christmas Party Themes You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Here are 6 Fun Christmas Party Themes You Haven’t Thought of Yet…

Christmas Party Themes

 The Ugly Sweater Party

If you managed to go this long in life without acquiring some horrific Christmas sweater — you know, the ones with the puff paint snowmen and the mistletoe-patterned mock turtlenecks — from your great aunt Mildred, then you may have to run to the nearest K-Mart to purchase one for this party of holiday fashion faux pas. We promise they don’t cost more than $15, and the photos will most definitely be priceless.

Reverse Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a time-honored mid-summer party favorite. In the summer’s hottest month, people pretend it’s Christmas — complete with a tree, gift exchange, and hearty meal. Well, turn the tables on this tradition with a beach-themed romp in the dead of winter. Beach balls, mojitos, everyone’s favorite Christmas with the Beach Boys album, and ample sunscreen are a must. Bikinis — considering this happens to be one of the all-time worst months for six-packs — are clearly optional.

Trim My Tree Gathering

Putting up your first Christmas tree as a bona-fide grown-up (helping Mom and Dad put the family tree of your kindergarten-crafted thing-a-ma-bobs hanging from it doesn’t count) is a momentous occasion. Why not have a tree-trimming ribbon-cutting, of sorts? Just set up your mini-evergreen (real or fake!) with lights and garland, and have your guests each bring an ornament to hang on your tree. To get extra-hokey, put everyone on the spot and make them tell a story about the ornament they chose. When the last one is hung, you do the honors of adding the tree topper and plugging in the lights!

The Christmas Cookie Swap

Nothing says the holidays like binge-eating homemade cookies in the shapes of Christmas trees and gingerbread men. To make sure you get a variety of sugary goodness this year, host a cookie swap where everyone brings a batch of their homemade specialty, from fudge brownies to cinnamon snickerdoodles, to share. For a fun twist, allow those friends who are baking beginners to bring store-bought cookies and have guests try to guess which ones are “legit.”

 The Wrap Party

Wrapping gifts may be the single most frustrating activity of the season. Not only do you inflict paper cuts and nervous breakdowns (from inaccurately cutting the paper too small), but you inevitably watch the recipient of your wrapped masterpiece brutally tear it to shreds without a second thought. Throw a support-group style gathering for friends — where everyone brings some basic supplies and their bundle of gifts — to wrap together. You’ll be surprised who knows how to help you tie that bow to not look like it was crafted by a fifth-grader. For added synergy, turn up the rap music.

 Holiday Movie Marathon

From It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street to Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and this generation’s classic A Christmas Story, it’ll be hard to pick which flicks have a place in your holiday film fest. Just keep it to less than five to avoid merry movie fatigue. And, if just watching hours of movies isn’t exciting enough for you or your couch guests, add some action with a drinking game. Take a shot whenever someone says “Christmas spirit” or whenever anyone in Santa garb is on screen


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