When planning an event, help the control freak in you learn to let go.  Plus: how to save your emails from the junk-mail abyss.

As you get ready for your association’s big annual convention and other major meetings, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But event planner Kelli White offers reassurance that you don’t have to shoulder all the responsibility for making your events successful. In a guest post for Event Manager Blog, White underscores the importance of sharing the workload.

“Event-planning professionals have an endless list of tasks that need to be accomplished on any given day, and the trouble for most of us is that we want to do it all,” she writes. “Delegation is a challenge for almost everyone with a planner mentality. We tend to have trouble letting go because we all enjoy being in control.”

But by letting go, you aid your team as well as yourself.

“Employees and volunteers in the event-planning industry love to feel important and responsible for the success of the event,” White points out. “When you delegate, you are not only lessening your workload, but also providing valuable experience and opportunities for your staff.”

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