About Us

With a Master’s in Education of the Deaf from Smith College in Northampton, MA, Linda taught hearing impaired children for HISD, before beginning Successful Events in 1985. During her early years in teaching, she became a Professional Clown entertaining at Company Picnics, Grand Openings and Business Promotions. Some of her clients included Texas Instruments, Circle K and Wendy’s. Clients asked Linda to help them arrange for tents, catering, pony rides and DJs. Linda saw a need based upon these client requests and knew clients would benefit from one person coordinating all aspects of their events.

The turning point arose when Linda was performing as Lollipop the Clown while also coordinating inflatables, amusements, decorations and other entertainment at a Texas Instruments Picnic for 2000 guests. She was creating adorable balloon animas for a line of 50 children and her client asked her to take care of Supervisory task. It was at that point that Linda made the decision to let others do the specific entertaining, and that she was going to be the Event Coordinator and On Site Supervisor to ensure everything was flowing smoothly!

Our Philosophy

Successful Event’s motto is simply: Call Successful Events and be a guest at your own Party!

Planning a company or social event can be a daunting task for many people who are already swamped with work, commitments and family. We alleviate all of the pressure and stress by coordinating the event for the client and allowing them to be a guest at their own party! Our services include, planning, execution, management and clean up.

The spectrum of events we coordinate spans from intimate Casino Parties for 25 to exciting Company Picnics for 2500. Every client is special to us and has specific areas that are most important to them. We listen to client needs and strive for excellence, always giving more than what is promised. Our goal is to make everyone happy and exceed expectations!

Some Stories

With 27 years of experience in the corporate and social event planning field, we are specialists and have unlimited resources! The word “no” really does not exist . . . where there is a desire and determination there is delivery! One year, for the promotion of the Disney Movie, Operation Dumbo Drop, we received a call from the Walt Disney Ad Agency. They needed an elephant to walk into the Astrodome, carrying Orbit, the Astro’s Mascot. Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus was in Houston and Disney needed an elephant. Of course Ringling does not share their elephants, so Successful Events DELIVERED! Orbit rode the elephant while the promotion for Operation Dumbo Drop played on the big screens and everyone (including the insurance company) was happy!

The out of the box requests are our specialty! One gentleman turned 60 and decided to put on a huge party for himself. Successful Events coordinated the entire event which included heated tents, elaborate catering, a 17 piece Mariachi Group, Sky Divers and Fire Works!

Light it up~!

“Every person wants to be recognized and valued. Through Corporate Events, such as Picnics, Employee Appreciations, Holiday Parties and the Ribbon Gift Program, employees feel acknowledged and appreciated.”

Our clients benefit from our 27 years of experience, strong vendor relationships, knowledge of fresh industry trends, creativity, flowing communications and strong sense of integrity.