About Us

Linda Lighthill-Flusberg

With a Master’s in Education of the Deaf from Smith College in Northampton, MA, Linda taught hearing impaired children for HISD, before beginning Successful Events in 1985. During her early years in teaching, she became a Professional Clown entertaining at Company Picnics, Grand Openings and Business Promotions. Some of her clients included Texas Instruments, Circle K and Wendy’s. Clients asked Linda to help them arrange for tents, catering, pony rides and DJs. Linda saw a need based upon these client requests and knew clients would benefit from one person coordinating all aspects of their events.
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David Flusberg

With extensive experience in Supply Chain, Business Development, and Vendor Relations, David brings his heart, passion and perseverance to Successful Events by forming bonds and strategic relationships to create a Win-Win for everyone involved! Always eager to assist and provide benefit, David connects with clients by listening and asks the simple and sincere question, “How can we help you?” As an Ambassador to the Greater Houston Partnership and recipient of Awards for three years as Rookie of the Year and Ambassador of the Year, the synergies and relationships David creates, enable him to be a valuable resource in his Business Development role. David also has extensive experience in Talent Acquisition, and specializes in the Business & Financial aspects of Successful Events, with follow through and integrity.
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